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1851 Census for Cheshire

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Ashley (HO107/2162/592)
Isaac Erlam, Head, Mar, 45, Farmer 87 Acres, Cheshire Timperley
Betty Erlam, Wife, Mar, 43, Cheshire Altrincham
Isaac Erlam, Son, 9, Scholar at home, Cheshire Ashley
Jane Erlam, Daur, 7, Scholar at home, Cheshire Ashley
Alfred Erlam, Son, 5, Scholar at home, Cheshire Ashley
Also 3 servants

Ashton upon Mersey
Wood Hey (HO107/2162/264)
William Irlam, Head, Unmar, 52, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Samuel Irlam, Brother, Unmar, 34, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
George Irlam, Brother, Unmar, 31, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Elizabeth Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 50, House Servant, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Ann Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 37, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey

Mop Lane (HO107/2162/267)
William Irlam, Serv, Unmar, 25, Farm Servant, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
(In the home of the Jones family)

Ashton Upon Mersey (HO107/2162/247)
Peter Irlam, Head, Mar, 54, Coal Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 51, Coal Labourer’s wife, Cheshire Sale
Peter Irlam Bellis, Gr-son, 7, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Mary Gresty, Servant, 11, House Servant, Cheshire Sale

Ashton Upon Mersey (HO107/2162/254
John Erlam, Head, Mar, 24, Farmer 38 Acres 9 Labourers, Cheshire Partington
Hannah Erlam, Wife, Mar, 27, Cheshire Lymm

Floats Lane (HO107/2162/372)
Robert Irlam, Head, Mar, 50, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Martha Irlam, Wife, Mar, 30, Cheshire Sale
John Irlam, Son, 5, Cheshire Baguley
Elizabeth, Daur, 6 mths, Cheshire Baguley

Baguley Lodge, Baguley (HO107/2162/376)
George Irlam, Serv, Unmar, 25, Ag.Lab, Cheshire Bowdon
(In the home of Richard Helsby)

Mill Green Cottage (HO107/2161/341)
Samuel Erlam, Head, Unmar, 27, Blacksmith, Staffordshire Heaton
Elizabeth Erlam, Sister, Unmar, 25, Housekeeper, Staffordshire Heaton

Irlam Place, Bowdon (HO107/2163/23)
John Erlam, Head, Mar, 49, Land Proprietor, Cheshire Carrington
Jane Erlam, Wife, Mar, 55, Cheshire Partington
Ellen Hamnett, Servant, Unmar, 16, House Servant, Cheshire Partington

South Down Road (HO107/2162/337)
Martha Erlam, Head, Mar, 33, Supported by Husband, Yorkshire Sheffield
Louisa E. Johnson, Visitor, Unmar, 25, Semptress, Yorkshire Sheffield

Street Head (HO107/2162/337)
William Irlam, Head, Mar, 34, Blacksmith, Cheshire Ashton
Phoebe Irlam, Wife, Mar, 29, Cheshire Altrincham
Charles Irlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Altrincham
William Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Bowdon (Twin)
Thomas Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Bowdon (Twin)
Emma Irlam, Daur, 4, Cheshire Bowdon
Maria Martin, Visitor, Unmar, 24, General Servant, Cheshire Altrincham

Bowdon (HO107/2163/32)
Richard Irlam, Head, Mar, 41, Farmer 27 acres, 1 Labourer, Cheshire Carrington
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 35, Farmer's Wife, Cheshire Bowdon
William Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Bowdon
Hannah Irlam, Daur, 3, Scholar, Cheshire Bowdon
Also 4 servants

Wood Bank Hall, Bredbury (HO107/2154/289)
Jane Earlam, Unmar, 20, House Servant, Cheshire Wilmslow
with the Marsland family

Bromborough (HO107/2173/----)
Frances Irlam, Visitor, Widow, 30, Landed Proprietor, Yorkshire Huddersfield
(In the home of the Taunton family)

Castle Northwich
Castle Street, (HO107/2165/471)
Robert Earlem, Head, Mar, 43, Wheelwright, Lancashire Gayton
Susannah Earlem, Wife, Mar, 42, Cheshire Witton
Susannah Earlem, Daur, Unmar, 21, At Home, Cheshire Witton
John Earlem, Son, Unmar, 18, Wheelwright, Cheshire Witton
Thomas Earlem, Son, Unmar, 17, Chair Maker, Cheshire Witton
Robert Earlem, Son, 15, Apprentice to Surgeon, Cheshire Witton
Martha Earlem, Daur, 12, Scholar, Cheshire Witton
Samuel Earlem, Son, 10, Scholar, Cheshire Witton
Elizabeth Earlem, Daur, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Witton
James Earlem, Son, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Witton

Navigation Road (HO107/2165/473)
Henry Earlem, Head, Mar, 48, Waterman, Cheshire Frodsham
Ann Earlem, Wife, Mar, 49, Cheshire Marston
John Bell, Step-son, Unmar, 23, Tailor, Cheshire Castle Northwich
James Earlem, Son, 12, Scholar, Cheshire Castle Northwich
Mary Earlem, Daur, 5, Infirm, Cheshire Castle Northwich

Castle Street (HO107/2165/470)
James Earlem, Head, Mar, 46, Tailor, Cheshire Frodsham
Mary Earlem, Wife, Mar, 48, Yorkshire Rotherham
Henry Earlem, Son, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester

Chorley Hall, Chorley  (HO107/2161/514)
Isacc Earlam, Head, Mar, 52, Farmer of 120acres employing 5 men and 1 boy and 2 women indoors, Cheshire Alderly
Elizabeth Earlam, Wife, Mar, 40, Derbyshire Chapel en le Frith
Hannah Jane Earlam, Daur, 3, Cheshire Chorley
Thomas Earlam, son, 2, Cheshire Chorley
Thomas Boon, Serv, U, 44, Cow Man, Cheshire Warford
Job Daniel, Serv, Unm, 19, Gen Servant, Cheshire Deanrow
Ellas Trewman, Serv, Unm, 17, Gen Servant, Derbyshire Hayfield
Thomas Earlam, Nephew, Unm, 17, Team Man, Cheshire Alderley
Thomas Sadler, Serv, Unm, 18, Gen. Servant, Lancashire Liverpool
Charles Burgess, Serv, Unm, 14, Plough Boy, Cheshire Warford
Hannah Schofield, Serv, Unm, 29, Gen Serv, Cheshire Fulshaw
Mary Caron, Serv, Unm, 29, Gen Servant, England N K

Brook Side (HO107/2161/549)
Ann Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 14, House Servant, Cheshire Alderley
(In the home of the Bickham family)

Church Street (HO107/2164/685)
Hiram Irlam, Head, Mar, 25, Agricultural Labourer, Cheshire Whitton
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 24, Cheshire Frodsham
Thomas Irlam, Son, 1, Cheshire Frodsham

Guilden Sutton
Village (HO107/2171/405)
James Irlam, Serv, Unmar, 21, Farm Servant, Cheshire Guilden Sutton
(In the home of Robert Smith, farmer)

Village (HO107/2171/404)
Thomas Earlam, Serv, Unmar, 26, Farm Servant, Lancashire Wigan

Cutwood (?) Lane (HO107/2162/563)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 29, Agricultural Labourer, Cheshire Dean Row
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 28, Labourer’s Wife, Cheshire Northern Etchells
James Irlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Northern Etchells
Mary A. Irlam, Daur, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Hale
Thomas Irlam, Son, 4, Cheshire Hale
Ruth Irlam, Daur, 2, Cheshire Hale
John Irlam, Son, 5 mths, Cheshire Hale

Chrouchly Lane (HO107/2163/145)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 60, Farmer 60 acres, emp 2 men, Cheshire High Legh
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 52, Cheshire Warburton
John Irlam, Son, 30, Farmer’s son, Cheshire Lymm
James Irlam, Son, 29, Farmer’s son, Cheshire Lymm
Thomas Irlam, Son, 26, Farmer’s son, Cheshire Lymm
Hannah Irlam, Daur, 24, Farmer’s daur, Cheshire Lymm
Mary Irlam, Daur, 15, Farmer’s daur, Cheshire Lymm
Ellen Irlam, Daur, 13, Farmer’s daur, Cheshire Lymm
Also 2 servants.

14 Market Place, Macclesfield (HO107/2159/166)
Robert May, Son, Unmar, 22, Salesman, Cheshire Macclesfield
Fredrick May, Son, Unm, 19, Salesman, Cheshire Macclesfield
Elizabeth Gibbon, Granddaur, 5, Macclesfield Cheshire
William Henry Gibbon, Grandson, 4, Macclesfield Cheshire
John Macrane, Serv, Unm., 18, Porter, Macclesfield Cheshire
Hannah Earlam, Serv, Unm, 23, General Servant, Macclesfield Cheshire

Prestbury Road, Macclesfield (HO107/ 2160/48)
John Joule, Head, Mar, 24, Silk Manufacturer and Cotton Spinner Employing 47 persons, Cheshire Bollington
Jane Joule, Mar(Wife?), Mar, 22, Cheshire Macclesfield
John Joule, Son, 4, Cheshire Rainow
Eliza J Joule, Daur, 2, Cheshire Macclesfield
Arthur W Joule, Son, 9 months, Cheshire Macclesfield
Mary Taylor, Serv., 22, House Servant, ______(?) Cheshire
Ann Earlam, Serv, 11,  Nurse, Cheshire Alderley

Macclesfield Workhouse (HO107/2160/557 and 558)
Ann Earlam, Pauper inmate, 8, school girl, Cheshire Macclesfield
Thomas Earlam, Pauper inmate, 10, school, Cheshire Macclesfield

Prestbury Road, Macclesfield (HO107/2160/48)
Charles Earlam, Head, Unm, 23, Butcher, Cheshire Alderley(?)
Ann Earlam, Sis, Unm, 15, Scholar, Cheshire Alderley(?)
Elizabeth Earlam, Sis, 10, Scholar, Cheshire Alderley(?)
Thomas Earlam, Bro, 7, Cheshire Alderley(?)

Crompton Road (HO107/2160/485)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Widower, 65, Ag.Lab, Cheshire Buglawton
Hannah Connor, Daur, Widow, 28, Silk Warper, Cheshire Macclesfield
Mary Connor, Gr-daur, 9 mths, Cheshire Macclesfield
Hannah Bayley, Gr-daur, 8, Cheshire Macclesfield

Marston (HO107/2165/275)
Nancy Woodyer, Head, Widow, 50, Farm 3 Acres of Land, Cheshire Northwich
James Woodyer, Son, Unmar, 27, Rock Salt Miner, Cheshire Wincham
Thomas Erlam, Lodger, Unmar, 28, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Wincham
John Wolstencroft, Boarder, 10, Lancashire Manchester

Marthall cum Warford
Marthall cum Warford (HO107/2163/294)
Samuel Erlem, Servant, Unmar, 22, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Snelson
(with the Wilson family)

Nether Alderley
Alderley Cross, Nether Alderley (HO107/2161/470)
Ruth Hammersley, Head, Widow, 57, Farmer of 45 acres, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Thomas Hammersley, Son, Unmar,19, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Jacob Hammersley, Son, Unmar,17, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Jane Hammersley, Daur, Unmar, 17, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Isaac Hammersley, Serv, Unmar, 27, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Samuel Earlam, Serv, Widower, 66, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Mobberley
Hannah Earlam, Serv, Unmar,10, Cheshire Nether Alderley

Next door to Rectory Cottage, Nether Alderley (HO 107/2161/472)
John Foden, Head, Mar, 40, Labourer, Cheshire Withington
Mary Foden, Wife, Mar, 43, Lancashire Warrington
James Earlam, Lodger, Mar, 43, Labourer, Cheshire Wilmslow

Nether Alderley (HO107/2161/467 )
John Earlam, Head, Mar, 36, Woodman, Cheshire Chorley
Anne Earlam, Wife, Mar, 37, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Mary Earlam, Daur., Unmar, 14, Scholar, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Elizabeth Earlam, Daug, Unmar, 12, Scholar, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Abraham Earlam, Son, Unmar, 9, Scholar, Cheshire Nether Alderley
John Earlam, Son, Unmar, 7, Scholar, Cheshire Nether Alderley
William Earlam, Son, Unmar, 1, Cheshire Nether Alderley
Samuel Burgess, Nephew, 14, Unmar, Scholar, Cheshire Chorley

Fallows Hall, Nether Alderley, (HO107/2161/474)
William Earlam, Serv, Unm, 17, Farm Lab, Cheshire Snelson
Servant with the Hague family

Nether Knutsford
Back passage to the Moors (HO107/2163/419)
George Irlam, Head, Mar, 41, Sweep, Lancashire Manchester
Kezia Irlam, Wife, 65, Cumberland

Kennedy Lane (HO107/2162/191)
James Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 20, Carter, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
(In the home of the Adshead family)

Leighs Fold (HO107/2154/137)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 60, Ag. Lab, Cheshire Snelson Heath
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 46, Cheshire Marple
Joseph Irlam, Son, Unmar, 20, Foundry Labourer, Cheshire Offerton
John Irlam, Son, Unmar, 18, Errand Boy, Cheshire Offerton
Martha A. Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 16, Winder Cotton, Cheshire Offerton
Benjamin, Son, 14, Power Loom Weaver, Cheshire Offerton
Esther Irlam, Daur, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Offerton
Henry Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Cheshire Offerton

Old Withington
Moss Hall, Old Withington (HO107/2161/511 and 512)
James Roylance, Head, Mar, 66, Sawyer, farming 10 acres, Cheshire Old Withington
Ellen Roylance, Wife, Mar, 70, Cheshire Blackden
James Roylance, Son, Unm, 37, Ag Lab, Cheshire Old Withington
Mary Earlam, Dau, Mar, 38, Dressmaker, Cheshire Old Withington
James Davenport, Son-in-Law, Mar, 28, Ag Lab, Cheshire Rostherne
Susan Davenport, Daug., Mar, 25, Ag Lab’s Wife, Cheshire Old Withington
James Bailey, Grandson, Unm, 16, Ag Lab, Cheshire Wilmslow

Over Alderley
Over Alderley (HO107/2161/452)
Charlotte Price, Head, Widow, 41, Publican, Cheshire Macclesfield
Susan Price, Daur, 13, Cheshire Alderley
Sarah A Pownall, Daur, Unm, 20, At home, Cheshire Macclesfield
Catherine White, Serv, Unm, 18, Publican Serv, Ireland Dublin
Joseph Fitchett, Serv,.Unm, 57, Ag Lab, Cheshire Tabley
George Earlam, Serv, Unm, 18, Ag Lab, Cheshire Alderley

Town Cottage, Over Alderley (HO 107/2161/444)
Phoebe Earlam, Head, Widow, 85, Kept by Daughter, Cheshire Alderley
Lydia Earlam, Daur, Unm, 51, Washerwoman, Cheshire Alderley

Whirley Hall, Over Alderley (HO107/2161/446)
John Earlam, Head, Mar, 44, Cattle Dealer, Cheshire Alderley
Ruth Earlam,Wife, Mar, 42, Washer Woman, Derbyshire Arlington
John Earlam. Son, Unm,18, Cattle Dealer Assistant, Cheshire Alderley
Issac Earlam, Son, 14, Ag Lab from home, Cheshire Alderley
Ruth Earlam, Daug, 6, Scholar, Cheshire Alderley

Pownall Fee
Water Lane, Pownall Fee (HO107/2162/141)
Samuel Rylands, Head, Unm, 41, Ag Lab, Cheshire Wilmslow
Isaac J Erlam, Lodger, Widower, 62, Brickmaker, Cheshire Wilmslow
Martha Earlam, Lodger, Unm, 34, House Serv, Cheshire Wilmslow

Water Lane (HO107/2162/117)
Ann Bower, Head, Widow, 80, Retired Farmer, Cheshire Mottram
Catherine Earlum, Daur, Widow, 42, Domestic, Cheshire Mottram
Isaac Earlum, Gr-son, 8, Cheshire Alderley
Ann Earlum, Gr-daur, 6, Cheshire Alderley
Mary Earlum, Gr-daur, 2, Cheshire Alderley

Congleton Road (HO107/2162/140)
William Brown, Head, Mar, 47, Proprietor of Land & Buildings, Cheshire Wilmslow
Sarah Brown, Wife, 49, House Wife, Cheshire Alderley
Thomas Earlham, Brother-in-law, Unmar, 40, Land Proprietor, Cheshire Alderley

Broad Lane (HO107/2162/322)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 59, Ag.Lab, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 60, Cheshire Sale

Sale Terrace (HO107/2162/290)
Hannah Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 19, House Servant, Cheshire Sale

Smallwood (HO107/2168/18)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Unmar, 30, Labourer, Cheshire Knutsford
Mary Moreton, Servant, Unmar, 36, Housemaid, Ireland

Snelson Common (HO/107/2161/514)
Enoch Earlam, Head, Mar, 57, Hand Loom Weaver Cotton, Cheshire Ollerton
Martha Earlam, Wife, Mar, 54, Cheshire Marthall
Henry Earlam, Son, Unm, 33, Hand Loom Weaver Cotton, Cheshire Snelson
Samuel Earlam, Son, Unm, 15, Gardener, Cheshire Snelson
Sarah Earlam, Daur, Unm, 12, Scholar, Cheshire Snelson,
Anne Earlam, Daur, Unm, 9, Scholar, Cheshire Snelson
Thomas Earlam, Grandson, Unm, 10, Scholar,  Cheshire Snelson
Henry Earlam, Grandson, Unm, 1, Grandson, Cheshire Snelson

46 King Street, Stockport (HO 107/2157/226)
Henry Williamson, Head, Mar, 39, Water Works Company Labourer, Cheshire Poynton
Hannah Williamson, Wife, Mar, 43, Cheshire Stockport
Frances Maria Williamson, Daur, Unmar, 17, Power Loom Weaver Cotton, Cheshire Stockport
Mary Hannah Williamson, Daur, Unmar, 14, Card Room Hand Cotton, Cheshire Stockport
James Henry Williamson, Son, 9, Scholar, Cheshire Stockport
James Earlam, Lodger, Mar, 25, Labourer, Cheshire Offerton
Ann Earlam, Wife, Mar, 19, Cheshire Butley

28 Greek Street (HO107/2156/786)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 39, Overlocker, Lancashire Bolton
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 37, Overlocker's Wife, Cheshire Marple
Esther Irlam, Daur, 15, Scholar, Cheshire Stockport
Robert Irlam, Son, 13, Scholar, Cheshire Stockport

Witton cum Twambrooks
13 Witton Street, Witton  (HO107/2615/311)
Joshua Earlam, Head, Mar, 37, Chairmaker, Cheshire Cogshall
Jane Earlam, Wife, Mar, 32, Cheshire Witton
Joshua Earlam, Son, Unm,13, Cheshire Witton
Margaret Earlam, Daur, Unm, 10, Cheshire Witton
Samuel Earlam, Son, Unm, 7, Cheshire Witton
Henry Earlam, Son, Unm, 4, Cheshire Witton
Thomas Earlam, Son, Unm, 1, Cheshire Witton

Forest Field Row, Witton (HO107/2165/371)
William Winnington, Head, Mar, 38, Bricksetter, Cheshire Witton
Fanny Winnington, Wife, Mar, 39, Cheshire Over
Mary Ann Winnington, Daur, Unm, 13, Cheshire Witton
Betsy Winnington, Daur, Unm,11, Scholar, Cheshire Witton
John Winnington, Son, 9, Scholar, Cheshire Witton
Maria Winnington, Daur, 7, Cheshire Witton
Fanny Winnington, Daur, 5, Cheshire Witton
Sarah Earlam, Lodger, Unm, 56, Cheshire Weaverham

Witton Street (HO107/2165/340)
Mary Leigh, Head, Mar, 53 Shop Keeper, Cheshire Northwich
Jane Earlum, Servant, Unmar, 16, Servant, Cheshire Witton

Moor End Farm, Woodford (HO107/2158/88)
Jacob Earlam, Head, Mar, 50, Farmer 147 acres Empl 2 Lab, Cheshire Alderley
Martha Earlam, Wife, Mar, 50, Farmer’s Wife, Cheshire Devonport
John Earlam, Son, Unm, 20, Farmer’s Son, Cheshire Alderley
Thomas Earlam, Son, Unm, 18, Farmer’s Son, Cheshire Alderley,
Isaac Earlam, Son, Unm, 16, Farmer’s Son, Cheshire Alderley
Peter Earlam, Son, Unm,13, Farmer’s Son, Cheshire Alderley
Jane Earlam, Daur, Unm, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Woodford
Jacob Earlam, Son, Unm, 8, Scholar, Cheshire Woodford
Joseph Earlam, Son,  5, Scholar, Cheshire Woodford
Eliza A Krinks, Daur, 17, Mar, Farmer’s Daur, Cheshire Alderley
Hannah Turk, Serv, Unm, 20, Indoor Serv, Ireland
Thomas Snape, Serv, Unm, 21, Farm Lab, Cheshire Adlington


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