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1851 Census for Lancashire

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Rottwells (HO107/2215/597)
Margaret Hulton, Head, Widow, 70, Lancashire Ainsworth
William Irlam, Lodger, Widower, 40, Carter, Lancashire Barton
James Irlam, Grandson, 7, Lancashire Ainsworth (Deaf and Dumb)
(also other members of the Hulton family)

Barton upon Irwell
Worsley Road, nr. Jolly Carter (HO107/2218/284)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 47, Railway Plate Layer, Cheshire Ashton
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 38, Plate Layer’s Wife, Lancashire Darwen
Marth Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 21, Power Loom Silk Weaver, Lancashire Lostock Township, Stretford
Samuel Irlam, Son, Unmar, 20, Plate Layer, Cheshire Ashton
James Irlam, Son, Unmar, 15, Errand Boy, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Irlam, Daur, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Barton
Jane Irlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Barton
Alice Irlam, Daur, 6 mths, Lancashire Barton

Liverpool Road (HO107/2218/349)
Joseph Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 22, Farm Servant, Lancashire Irlam
(in the home of Mary Willcock and family)

King Street (HO107/2218/67)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 38, Bricklayer, Lancashire Eccles
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 33, Lancashire Eccles
William Irlam, Son, Unmar, 18, Bricklayer’s Labourer, Lancashire Eccles
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 15, Lancashire Eccles
Thomas Irlam, Son, 12, Bobbin Carrier Silk Factory, Lancashire Eccles
George Irlam, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles
Charles Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles
John Irlam, Son, 3, Lancashire Eccles
Mary Irlam, Daur, 5 months, Lancashire Eccles

Regent Road (HO107/2218/28)
Hannah Brownhill, Head, Mar, 71, Lodging House Keeper, Lancashire Eccles
Alice Erlam, Sister, Unmar, 67, Formerly Shopkeeping, Lancashire Eccles

7 Hall Street (HO107/2222/12)
William Irlam, Head, Mar, 49, Brickmaker's Labourer, Cheshire Hale
Ann Irlam, Wife, Mar, 37, Cheshire Northwich
Abraham Irlam, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
William Irlam, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
Samuel, Irlam, Son, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
Susannah Irlam, Daur, 4, At home, Lancashire Salford

Mount Pleasant, Cheetham (HO 107/2232/147)
William Erlam, Head, Mar, 83, Brickmaker, Cheshire Mobberley
Jane Erlam, Wife, Mar, 74, Cheshire Peover
Samuel Erlam, Lodger (written over Son), Mar, 35, Brickburner, Cheshire Hale
E.Isabella Erlam, Wife, Mar, 34, Isle of Man
James Erlam, Son, Unmar, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
Jane Erlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Cheetham
Jhon (sic) Erlam, Son, 5, Lancashire Cheetham
Mary Erlam, Daur, 11 months, Lancashire Cheetham

40 Chapel Lane, Cheetham (HO107/2232/166)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 30, Brickmaker, Cheshire Hale
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 36, Yorkshire Halifax
James Irlam, Son, 4, Lancashire Manchester
Catherine Irlam, Daur, 1, Lancashire Manchester

Chorlton, Manchester (Source http://www.familyhistoryonline.net/ )
7 Waddington Court, Manchester (Piece No. 2220)
Hunter Irlam, Head, Mar, 45, Letter Press Printer, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 42, Compositor Press, Cumberland Carlisle
Ann Irlam, Daur, Lancashire Manchester
Henry Irlam, Son, Lancashire Manchester
Robert Irlam, Son, 10, Lancashire Manchester

9 Heron Street, Chorlton (Piece No.2220)
Israel Irlam, Head, Mar, 39, Bleacher, Lancashire Bolton
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 40, Bleacher’s Wife, Denbigh Wales
William Irlam, Son, 7, Scholar, Chorlton-upon-Medlock
Mary Ann Irlam, Daur, 6, Chorlton-upon-Medlock
Israel Irlam, Son, Unmar, 4, Scholar, Chorlton-upon-Medlock
John Irlam, Son, 1, Chorlton-upon-Medlock

Diamond House, (HO107/2218/425)
Thomas Darbyshire, Head, Unmar, 32, Farmer 15 acres, Lancashire Flixton
Ann Darbyshire, Sister, Unmar, 40, Farmer’s sister, Lancashire Flixton
Betsey Darbyshire, Sister, Unmar, 34, Farmer’s sister, Lancashire Flixton
Alice Irlam, Sister, Widow, 50, Farmer’s sister, Lancashire Flixton
Mary P. Coupe, Niece, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Flixton

Moorside Lane (HO107/2218/408)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 48, Pauper Hand Loom Weaver Cotton, Lancashire Flixton
Alice Irlam, Wife, Mar, 32, Weaver’s Wife, Lancashire Flixton
James Bent, Relative, 12, Lancashire Flixton
John Bent (Bent inscribed over Irlam), Son, 1, Lancashire Flixton

Moorside Lane (HO107/2218/408)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Widower, 82, Beer House Keeper, Lancashire Flixton

Moorside Lane (HO107/2218/408)
Ann Irlam, Head, Unmar, 56, (Occupation?), Lancashire Flixton
Charlotte Yates, Daur, Unmar, 24, (Occupation?), Lancashire Flixton

Boat Lane (HO107/2218/394)
George Irlam, Lodger, Mar, 52, Draper, Lancashire Flixton
Ann Irlam, Lodger, Mar, 46, Draper's Wife, Lancashire Warrington
(In the home of John Gerrard)

Green Lane (HO107/2218/404)
Mary Ann Irlam, Head, Unmar, 52, Laundress, Lancashire Irlam
Ann Irlam, Daur, 29, Laundress, Lancashire Irlam
Annie Irlam Simister, Nurse Child, 4, Lancashire Flixton

Green Lane (HO107/2218/401)
William Irlam, Lodger, Unmar, 20, Farm Labourer, Lancashire Flixton
(In the home of the Yates family)

Woodsend (HO107/2218/405)
James Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 16, Farm ??, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
(In the home of James Garside and family)

Woodsend (HO107/2218/405)
John Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 22, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
(In the home of Titterton Rudgyard, Farmer)

Village (HO107/2218/427)
Frances Watkins, Head, Widow, 71, Annuitant, Cheshire Stockport
Ann Irlam, Visitor, Unmar, 17, Lancashire Manchester

Great Bolton
15 Bk. Andrew Street (HO107/2210/583)
Betsey Irlam, Lodger, Unmar, 21, Piecer Cotton Mill, Lancashire Bolton
(living with the Darbishire family)

Deansgate (HO107/2211/285)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 45, Publican, Lancashire Bedford
Ann Irlam, Wife, Mar, 40, Lancashire Culcheth
John Irlam, Son, 14, Mechanic, Lancashire Bolton
Josiah Irlam, Son, 12, Scholar, Lancashire Culcheth
Samuel Irlam, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Culcheth
George Irlam, Son, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Lowton
Ellen Irlam, Daur, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Lowton
Martha Irlam, Daur, 3, Scholar, Lancashire Lowton

Clipsley Lane, Haydock (HO107/2212/35)
John Earlam, Lodger, Unmar, 22, Coal Labourer, Lancashire Warrington
Residing with Abraham Simm and family

Heaton Norris
28 George’s Road, Heaton Norris (HO107/2155/375)
Hannah Earlam, Head, Unm, 50,  Annuitant, Cheshire Wimslow
Sarah Earlam, Sister-in-Law, Widow, 45, Annuitant, Cheshire Peover
John H Earlam, Son, Unm, 15, Clerk, Cheshire Stockport
Elizabeth Earlam, Daur, Unm, 17, Dressmaker, Cheshire, Stockport
Ann Earlam, Daur, Unm,12, Scholar, Lancashire  Heaton Norris
Jno Fred Brown, Lodger, Widower, 42, Analytick Chemical, Lancashire Manchester
Martha Astley, Lodger, Widow, 73, Annuitant, Cheshire Sandbach

Cellar or underneath 118 Heaton, Lane, Heaton Norris (HO 107/2155/446)
Hannah Earlam, Head, Widow, 55, At Home, Cheshire Chorley
Joseph Earlam, son, Unmar, 26,  Lap Tenter Cotton, Cheshire Stockport

260 Heaton Lane (HO107/2155/461)
Joseph Earlem, Head, Mar, 41, Overlooker of Power Loom Weavers (Cotton), Lancashire Bolton
Mary Earlem, Wife, Mar, 42, Lancashire Ashton under Lyne
Ann Earlem, Daur, Unmar, 16, Power Loom Weaver (Cotton Mill), Cheshire Stockport
Sarah Earlem, Daur, 13, Power Loom Weaver (Cotton Mill) Cheshire Stockport
Joseph Earlem, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Heaton Norris
Elizabeth Earlem, Daur, 4, Lancashire Heaton Norris
Jane Ashton, Daur, Unmar, 20, Power Loom Weaver (Cotton Mill), Cheshire Stockport

159 Warde Street (HO107/2221/733)
Ann Irlam, Head, Unmar, 27, Lodging Housekeeper, Cheshire Irlam
Mary Smith, Visitor, Unmar, 21, Dressmaker, Lancashire Salford
(Also three Lodgers)

16 Davies Street (HO107/2221/976)
John Ardean (?), Head, Mar, 49, Dairyman Shopkeeper, Derbyshire Etwall
Sarah Ardean (?), Wife, Mar, 48, Derbyshire Etwall
James Ardean (?), Son, 6, Scholar, Derbyshire Parwich
Thomas N. Ardean (?), Son, 1, Lancashire Hulme
Elizabeth Wroe, Mother-in-law, Widow, 75, Staffordshire Grindon
Mary Irlam, Niece, Unmar, 11, Nurse, Lancashire Manchester

67 Newcastle Street (HO107/2221/845)
James Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 22, Lythographic Printer, Lancashire Manchester
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 22, Lancashire Manchester
Wm. Henry Irlam, Son, 2 months, Lancashire Hulme
(Also two lodgers)

6 Alpha Street, Hulme (Piece No. 2221 - (Source http://www.familyhistoryonline.net/ )
Alice Irlam, Head, Widowed, 73, Cheshire Hale

69 Bedford Street (HO 107/2221/651)
William Herlam, Head, Mar, 32, Porter, Cheshire Cheadle
Anne Herlam, Wife, Mar, 33, Domestic Duties, Cheshire Peover
George Herlam, Son, Unmar, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Maryanne Herlam, Daur, 8, At home, Lancashire Manchester
Elizth. Herlam, Daur, 10 mths, At home, Lancashire Manchester
Joseph Chambers, Lodger, Unmar, 22, Commercial Clerk, Westmorland Dufton

Amber Wood Common (HO107/2200/82)
Alice Irlam, Head, Widow, 77, Housekeeper, Lancashire Haigh
John Irlam, Son, Unmar, 41, Wheelwright, Lancashire Ince

Latham (HO107/2197/520)
John Radcliff, Head, Mar, 24, Farm Labourer, Lancashire Latham
Margaret Radcliff, Wife, Mar, 28, Labourer’s Wife, Lancashire Latham
Ellen Irlam, Daur, 4, Wife’s daughter, Lancashire Latham
Mary Radcliff, Daur, 7 months, Lancashire Latham

Little Hulton
Bullough (HO107/2206/408)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Unmar, 50, Farmer of 42 acres employing 2 men, Lancs Westhoughton
Ann Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 34, Housekeeper, Lancashire Worthington
John Speakman, Servant, Unmar, 32, Farm Servant, Lancashire Tildesly

47 Fontenoy Street (HO107/2179/687)
Peter Erlam, Head, Mar, 33, Joiner (Master), Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Erlam, Wife, Mar, 32, Lancashire Liverpool
Peter Erlam, Son, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Erlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Erlam, Daur, 1, Lancashire Liverpool
John Ellis, Father-in-law, Mar, 62, Porter, Cheshire Liscard
James Erlam, Brother, Unmar, 22, Painter Journeyman, Lancashire Liverpool

16 Cable Street (HO107/2180/550)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 51, Cotton Labourer, Lancashire Barton
Ann Irlam, Wife, Mar, 38, Ireland
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, 12, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
Catherine Irlam, Daur, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool

24 Clement Street (HO107/2177/730)
Ellen Lawson, Head, Widow, 55, Lodging Housekeeper, Lancashire Liverpool
Henry Irlam, Son-in-law, Mar, 24, Labourer, Lancashire Bursgouch (sic)
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, 21, Lancashire Liverpool
Daniel Price, Lodger, Unmar, 52, Labourer, Cheshire

7 Wellington Street, (HO107/2176/518)
Peter Irlam, Head, Widower, 45, Warehouseman, Lancashire Liverpool
Frances Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 21, Housekeeper, Lancashire Liverpool
William Irlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
William Spencer, Boarder, Unmar, 20, Brass founder, Lancashire Manchester

10 Bostock Street (HO107/2176/453)
William Erlum, Head, Unmar, 21, Plumber, Lancashire Liverpool
Sarah Erlum, Sister, Unmar, 23, Lancashire Liverpool
Jane Erlum, Sister, Unmar, 13, Lancashire Liverpool

Liverpool (Toxteth Park)
20 Mornington Street (HO107/2188/195)
William Irlam, Head, Mar, 32, Engineer, Lancashire Liverpool
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 32, Yorkshire Sheffield
Ellen Irlam, Mother, Widow, 65, Lancashire Widnes
Nathanial Irlam, Son, 12, Scholar, Lancashire Toxteth Park
Isreal (sic) Irlam, Son, 5, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Ellen Irlam, Daur, 2, Lancashire Toxteth Park

Back Lane (HO107/2204/80)
Samuel Irlam, Head, Unmar, 52, Relieving Officer, Lancashire Tydesley
Sarah Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 60, Domestic Duties, Lancashire Tydesley

Back Lane (HO107/2204/80)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 56, Hand Loom Weaver (Silk), Lancashire Tydesley
Margaret Irlam, Wife, Mar, 56, Hand Loom Weaver (Silk), Lancashire Hindley
Margaret Hart, Lodger, Unmar, 17, Hand Loom Weaver (Silk), Lancashire Lowton
Mary Fazakerley, Servant, Unmar, 11, Erranc Girl, Lancashire Turton

41 Pelling Street (HO107/2230/618)
John Needham, Head, Mar, 51, Labourer, Yorkshire
Ann Needham, Wife, Mar, 47, Derbyshire, Parwich
James Irlam, Step-son, Unmar, 20, Labourer, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Step-daur, Unmar, 16, Lancashire Manchester
Isaac Needham, Son, 10 months, Lancashire Manchester

15 Bk.Bridge Street (HO107/2229/791)
George Irlam, Head, Mar, 42, Brewer, Lancashire Urmston
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 33, Lancashire Stretford
John Irlam, Son, Unmar, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Northen
Samuel Irlam, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
William Irlam, Son, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Sarah Irlam, Daur, 3, Lancashire Manchester
Samuel Millard, Lodger, Unmar, 22, Painter, Birmingham

16A Crown Lane (HO107/2230/498)
George Irlam, Lodger, Unmar, 24, Fustian Cutter, Lancashire Salford
(In the home of William Grainger and family)

New Street (HO107/2227/376)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 50, Cow Keeper, Lancashire Urmston
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 52, At Home, Lancashire Manchester
Bridget Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 26, Dressmaker, Lancashire Manchester
Ellen Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 22, At home, Lancashire Manchester
George Irlam, Son, Unmar, 20, At home, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Irlam, Daur, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
William Irlam, Nephew, Mar, 28, Carter, Lancashire Urmston

46 Cooper Street (HO107/2229/746)
John Irlam, Head, Widower, 34, Civil Messenger, Lancashire Flixton
Samuel Irlam, Nephew, Unmar, 15, General Servant, Lancashire Flixton

Salford Brewery (HO107/2224/105)
Thomas Irlam, Mar, 26, Night Watchman, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey

Wharf Court Flat (HO107/2237/43)
James Irlam, Head, Widr, 56(66?), Lodging house keeper, Ireland
Mary Irlam, Wife (with Daug written above it), Unm, Silk Winder, 44, Ireland
Jane Irlam, Daug, Unm, 42, Farmer's Wife, Ireland
Sarah Doyle, Visitor, Unm, 18, Bonnet Maker and Dress Maker, Ireland
Mary Doyle, Visitor, Unm, 20, Dressmaker, Ireland
Jane Doyle, Visitor, Unm, 18, Bonnet Maker, Ireland
Jane Quin, Visitor, Unm, 20(?), House Servant, Lancashire Manchester

Manchester (St. George) (Source http://www.familyhistoryonline.net/ )
6 Charles Street, Manchester (Piece No. 2230)
Susannah Erlam, Lodger, Unmar, 21, Winder Cotton, Lancashire Manchester.

Pendleton (Source http://www.familyhistoryonline.net/ )
Seedley View, Pendleton (Piece No. 2222)
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 28, Lancashire
Mary Irlam, Daur, 7,
William Irlam, Son, 3, Lancashire Pendleton
Sarah Irlam, Daur, 1, Lancashire Pendleton
Charles Irlam, Relative, Unmar, 59, Cheshire
Charles Irlam, Visitor, 2, Lancashire Pendleton

Borough Street, Pendleton (Piece No. 2222)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 46, Cotton Power Loom Weaver, Lancashire Urmston
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 47, Lancashire Urmston
(Illegible) Irlam, Son, 16, Power Loom Weaver, Lancashire Urmston
Sarah Jane Irlam, Daur, 14, Power Loom Weaver, Lancashire Urmston
William Irlam, Son, 11, Lancashire Urmston
Thomas Irlam, Son, 10, Lancashire Urmston
Samuel Irlam, Son, 9, Lancashire Urmston
Job Irlam, Son, 4, Lancashire Urmston

Stand Lane (HO107/2216/258)
Joseph Irlam, Head, Mar, 50, Bleacher, Lancashire Pilkington
Alice Irlam, Wife, Mar, 50, Lancashire Pilkington
Alice Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 20, Doubler Cotton, Lancashire Pilkington
Ann Irlam, Daur, 18, Doubler Cotton, Lancashire Pilkington
William Irlam, Son, 16, Cotton Winder, Lancashire Pilkington
Sarah Irlam, Daur, 14, Cotton Winder, Lancashire Pilkington
Israel Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Pilkington

105 Barton Terrace (HO107/2267/781)
William Irlam, Head, Mar, 70, Retired Farmer, Lancashire Worthington
Grace Irlam, Wife, Mar, 66, Lancashire Whittle-le-Woods
Mary Garstang, Niece, Unmar, 48, Lancashire Whittle-le-Woods

Warrington Road (HO107/2194/172)
Henry Earlem, Head, Mar, 60, Farmer of 9 Acres, Lancashire Sutton
Frances Earlem, Wife, Mar, 58, Farmer's Wife, Lancashire St. Helens
James Joynson, Brother-in-law, Unmar, 57, Farm Lab, Lancashire St. Helens

Reddish Green (HO107/2155/18)
James Erlam, Servant, Unmar, 24, Farm Labourer, Cheshire Wilmslow
(In the home of Martin Chadwick and family)

Willow Cottage (HO107/2155/6)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 54, Ag.Lab., Lancashire Withington
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 45, Cheshire Morley
Thomas Irlam, Son, Unmar, 19, Stripper Cotton, Cheshire Styal

Salford (Source http://www.familyhistoryonline.net/ )
17 Shandon Street, Greengate, Salford (Piece No. 2223)
Ann Irlam, Mother in Law, Wid, 60, Proprietor of Houses, Lancashire Warrington

7 Briercliff Bldgs. Greengate, Salford (Piece No. 2223)
Saml. Irlam, Head, Mar, 36, House Painter – Journeyman, Lancashire Salford
Elizh. Irlam, Wife, Mar, 35, Lancashire Salford
Mathew Irlam, Son, 8, Lancashire Salford
Jno. Irlam, Son, 5, Lancashire Salford
Thos. Irlam, Son, 9m, Lancashire Salford

66 Broster Street, Greengate, Salford (Piece No. 2223)
William Irlam, Head, Mar, 23, Maker Up Jy’man, Lancashire Salford
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 23, Lancashire Salford
Thomas Irlam, Son, 2m, Lancashire Salford
Thomas Irlam Sen, Father, Mar, 56, Fustian Cutter Jy’man, Lancashire Salford
Nancy Irlam, Moth, Mar, 56, Manchester
Susannah Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 20, Fustian Cutter, Manchester
Frederick Irlam, Bro., Unmar, 17, Hooker of Piece Goods, Lancashire Salford

13 Bedford Street, Greengate, Salford (Piece No.2223)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 25, Stiffner, Lancashire Salford
Margaret Irlam, Wife, Mar, 23, Cap Maker, Manchester
Mary Ann Irlam, 6m, Manchester

Salford Union Workhouse, Greengate, Salford (Piece No. 2223)
Richard Irlam, Inmate, Widowed, 73, Upholsterer, Lancashire Manchester

37 Durham Street, Greengate, Salford (Piece No.2223)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 25, Warehouseman, Lancashire Salford
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 25, Lancashire Salford
William Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Salford

Derbyshire Road (HO107/2208/470)
George Yates, Head, Mar, 59, Crofter, Lancashire Halliwell
Betsy Yates, Wife, Mar, 56, Lancashire Manchester
Alice Yates, Daur, Unmar, 26, Twist Winder, Lancashire Sharples
James Yates, Son, Unmar, 23, Crofter, Lancashire Sharples
Mary Yates(sic), Daur, Mar, 21, Twist Cuber, Lancashire Sharples
David Irlam, Son-in-law, Mar, 22, Crofter, Lancashire Radcliffe
Nancy Marlow, Servant, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Halliwell

Higgin Lane (HO107/2218/594)
Denis Irlam, Head, Unmar, 42, Slater, Lancashire Manchester
Esther Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 36, Lancashire Manchester
John Irlam, Nephew, 17, Apprentice to Slater, Lancashire Manchester

Higgins Lane (HO107/2218/614)
Jonathan Irlam, Head, Mar, 33, Slater, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, 34, Lancashire Manchester
William Irlam, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Richard Irlam, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Thomas Irlam, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Henry Irlam, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
(Note: No relationships were given with the above family details)

Higgins Lane (HO107/2218/614)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 30, Slater, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 29, Lancashire Manchester
Jacob Irlam, Brother, Unmar, 38, Slater, Lancashire Manchester

Baggot Houses, Lostock Lane (HO107/2218/528)
Mathew Irlam, Head, Mar, 39, Market Gardener, Lancashire Flixton
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 27, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Irlam, Daur, 3, At home, Lancashire Manchester
Thomas Irlam, Son, 1 month, Lancashire Manchester

Taylor Square (HO107/2218/566)
William Lowe, Head, Mar, 45, Labourer, Lancashire Manchester
Heaster Lowe, Wife, Mar, 42, Labourer's Wife, Lancashire Manchester
Eliza Irlam, Daur, 16, Labourer's Daur, Lancashire Manchester
John Irlam, Son, 14, Labourer's Son, Lancashire Manchester
Ann Lowe, Daur, 5, Labourer's Daur, Lancashire Manchester
(?) Lowe, Son, 3, Labourer's Son, Lancashire Manchester
Robert Lowe, Son, 1, Labourer's Son, Lancashire Manchester

White Row, Ravenhead (HO107/2195/173)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Mar, 45, Engineer, Lancashire Sutton
Jane Erlam, Wife, Mar, 43, Dress Maker, Lancashire Sutton
Margaret Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 19, Plate Glass Smoother, Lancashire Sutton
Jane Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 13, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
Thomas Erlam, Son, 11, Plate Glass Grinder, Lancashire Sutton
Nancy Erlam, Daur, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
John Erlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
Esther Erlam, Daur, 4, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
Job Erlam, Son, 1, Lancashire Sutton
Mary Erlam, Daur, 15, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton

Thatto Heath (HO 107/2195/183)
Ellen Earlam, Lodger, Unmar, 57, Lancashire ____(?)

Ooze Wood (HO107/2243/31)
William Irlam, Servant, Widower, 60, Ag.Lab, Cheshire Ashton

The Village, Tottington Lower End (HO107/2212/256)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Mar, 50, Weel right (sic), Chester
Prcilla (sic) Erlam, Wife, Mar, 50, Lancashire Tottington
Sarah Nuttall, Lodger, Unmar, 48, Washer woman, Lancashire Tottington

Back Urmston (HO107/2218/450)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 37, Ag.Lab, Lancashire Urmston
Mary Irlamd, Wife, Mar, 34, Lancashire Stretford
Amelia Irlam, Daur, 13, Lancashire Stretford
John Irlam, Son, 7, Lancashire, Urmston
Margaret Irlam, Daur, 5, Lancashire Urmston
Samuel Irlam, Son, 3, Lancashire Urmston
Bridget Irlam, Daur, 3 days, Lancashire Urmston

Back Urmston (HO107/2218/449)
William Richardson, Head, Mar, 48, Hand Loom Weaver, Lancashire Urmston
Alice Richardson, Wife, Mar, 53, Hand Loom Weaver, Lancashire Flixton
Alice Richardson, Daur, Unmar, 23, Lancashire Urmston
Thomas Richardson, Son, 13, Lancashire Urmston
Mary Irlam, Relative, 7, Lancashire Urmston

West Derby
14 Elm Grove (HO107/2192/374)
Margt. Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 16, General Servant, Lancashire Liverpool
(In the home of John and Agnes Horsfall)

Bankfield (HO107/2192/835)
George Irlam, Visitor, Unmar, 20, Student, Liverpool Bootle
(In the home of Frederick Murpratt, Chemical Manufacturer)

Green Street (HO107/2192/306)
Thomas Erlam, Lodger, Mar, 25, Joiner, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Erlam, Wife, Mar, 29, Lancashire Workington
(In the home of Wm. Roberts and family)

Fir Lane (HO 107/2205/227)
John Irlam, Head, Widower, 60, Agent Silk Weaver, Lancashire Middle Hulton
Richd. Irlam, Son, Mar, 33, Weaver Silk, Lancashire Westleigh
Eliz. Irlam, Wife, 32, Lancashire Billinge
Jno. Irlam, Son, 3, Lancashire Westleigh
Ann Irlam, Daur, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Westleigh
James (?), Servant, Unmar,  23, Farm Servant, Lancashire Lowton


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