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1851 Census for Middlesex

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Wimberley House, London Rd. (HO107/1471/120)
Frederick Erlam, 10, Scholar, Middx. London

Mulberry Hall, Hammersmith (HO107/1469/460)
George Earlam, Head, Mar, 47, Labourer with Middx. W.W, Middx Cheswick
Sarah Earlam, Wife, Mar, 45, Charwoman, Wiltshire Berbridge
Susan Earlam, Daur, Unmar, 20, Servant, Middx. Hammersmith
Elizabeth Earlam, Daur, Unmar, 18, Servant, Middx. Hammersmith
Jane Earlam, Daur, Unmar, 16, Servant, Middx. Hammersmith
Mary A. Earlam, Daur, 11, Scholar, Middx. Hammersmith
Sarah Earlam, Daur, 8, Scholar, Middx. Hammersmith
Eliza Earlam, Daur, 2, Middx. Hammersmith

49a Queens Rd, Marylebone  (HO107/1491/852)
John S. Erlam Head, Mar, 44, Architect, Middx.
Catherine Erlam, Wife, Mar, 38, Lancashire
Eliza Moore, Servant, Unmar, 27, Housemaid, Norfolk

Elm Tree Rd., Marylebone (HO107/1491/485)
Annie S. Erlam, Head, Unmar, 37, School Mistress, Middx. London
George Erlam, Brother, Unmar, 35, Clerk to a Hosier, Middx. London
Margaretta Johnson, Visitor, Unmar, 21, Governess, Middx. London

14 Marlboro’ Hill, Marylebone (HO107/1491/878
Maria W. Erlam, Head, Widow, 65, Fundholder, Middx. London
Maria M. S.Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 41, Middx. London
Eliza Weight, Daur, Mar, 39, Middx. London
Charlotte Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 35, Middx. London
Susan Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 29, Daily Governess, Middx. London
Mary Erlam, Daur, Unmar, 25, Middx. London
Ann King, Visitor, Unmar, 35, Annuitant, Middx. London
Clara Christian, Visitor, 12, Scholar, Middx. London
Mary Selby, Servant, Unmar, 24, House Servant, Surrey Chertsey

72 Westbourne Pl, Paddington (HO107/1466/223)
Richard G. Erlam, Head, Mar, 31, Stock Broker, Middx. London
Charlotte L. Erlam, Wife, Mar, 26, City of London
Emily L. Erlam, Daur, 11/2, Middx. Kensington
Anna Turner, Servant, Unmar, 35, Domestic Servant, Buckinghamshire, Burnam
Harriet Frankcome, Servant, Unmar, 21, Domestic Servant, Middx. London

St. Annes Soho
Little Chapel Street (HO107/1510/183)
Sarah Erlum, Head, Widow, 46, Florist, Middx. St. James Westminster
George Erlum, Son, Unmar, 13, Errand Boy, Middx. St. James Westminster

118 Jarmyn Street, St. James’s Square (HO107/1484/182)
Ann Earlam, Servant, Unmar, 50, House Servant, Cheshire Peover
(in the home of William Rutter, Surgeon)

Montpelier, St.Margaret (HO107/1480/828)
Edwin Erlam, Head, Mar, 32 Trumpeter 2nd Life Guards, Hants. Rochester
Charth. Erlam, Wife, Mar, 31, Middx. Chelsea
Edwin Erlam, Son, 8, Berks. Spital
William Erlam, Son, 6, Middx. Brompton
Charlotte Erlam, Daur, 4, Berks. Spital
Chas. Erlam, Son, 2, Berks. Windsor
Emma Erlam, Daur, 1, Middx. Regent.


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