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1861 Census for Lancashire

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New White Horse (RG9/2853/80)
William Irlam, Lodger, Widower, 50, Carter, Lancashire Barton
James Irlam, Son, Unmar, 16, Cotton Weaver, Lancashire Ainsworth (Deaf and Dumb)

Barton on Irwell
Winton Road (RG9/2863/90)
Alice Irlam, Head, Widow, 34, Laundress, Lancashire Bedford
John Irlam, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Barton
Mary Ann Irlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Barton
James Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Barton

Gee Lane (RG9/2863/95)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 55, Cotton Factory Watchman, Cheshire Ashton
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 48, Cotton Spinner, Lancashire, Pickerbank
James Irlam, Son, Unmar, 25, Blacksmith, Lancashire Salford
Mary Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 21, Reeler (Cotton), Lancashire Eccles
Jane Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 19, Reeler (Cotton), Lancashire Eccles
Alice Irlam, Daur, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles

King Street (RG9/2862/67)
Jas. Irlam, Head, Mar, 49, Bricklayer, Lancashire Eccles
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 45, Lancashire Eccles
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 25, Cotton Factory Worker, Lancashire Eccles
Thomas Irlam, Son, Unmar, 22, Lab. for Slaters, Lancashire Eccles
Chas. Irlam, Son, Unmar, 15, Bricklayer (Ap.), Lancashire Eccles
John Irlam, Son, 13, Cotton Factory Worker, Lancashire Eccles
Mary Irlam, Daur, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles
James Irlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles
Sarah Irlam, Daur, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles

King Street (RG9/2862/66)
George Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 20, Carter, Lancashire Eccles

Barton Union Workhouse (RG9/2864/30)
J.Irlam, Inmate, Widower, 53, Servant, Lancashire Barton

Barton Moss Station (RG9/2863/42)
John Ramsdale, Head, Widower, 59, Station Master, LancashireWinwick
Ann Ramsdale, Daur, Unmar, 21, Silk Weaver, Lancashire Barton
Charles Ramsdale, Son, Unmar, 18, Booking Clerk, Lancashire Barton
Fanny Ramsdale, Daur, Unmar, 16, Lancashire Barton
William Ramsdale, Son, Unmar, 14, Porter, Lancashire Barton
Lucy Ramsdale, Daur, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Barton
John Irlam, Grandson, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Barton

Moss Lane (RG9/2864/105)
John Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 29, Ag.Labourer (Carter), Cheshire Ashton (Servant to Richard Leather, farmer)

11 Dyer Street (RG9/2908/6)
William Earlam, Head, Mar, 61, Lab. in Bleach Works, Cheshire Hale
Elizabeth Earlam, Wife, Mar, 57, Cheshire Stockport
Abraham Earlam, Son, Unmar, 22, Lab. in Bleach Works, Lancashire Salford
Samuel Earlam, Son, Unmar, 17, Works in Warehouse, Lancashire Salford

Barrow Hill Cottage (RG9/2970/40)
Samuel Erlam, Head, Mar, 44, Master Brick Maker, Cheshire Timperley
Isabella Erlam, Wife, Mar, 45, Isle of Man
James Erlam, Son, Unmar, 19, Brick Maker, Lancashire Salford
John Erlam, Son, Unmar, 15, Assistant Brick Maker, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Erlam, Daur, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Sarah Erlam, Daur, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Samuel Erlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Catharine Erlam, Daur, 3, Lancashire Manchester

9 (Late 5) Mount Pleasant (RG9/2770/38)
James Erlam, Head, Mar, 43, Labourer (Brickmaker), Cheshire Hale
Jane Erlam, Wife, Mar, 46, Yorkshire Halifax Frances Erlam, Daur, 6, Lancashire Cheetham
James Erlam, Son, Unmar, 16, Brickworker (Maker), Lancashire Cheetham
William Erlam, Son, 9, Brickworker, Lancashire Manchester

Chorlton Upon Medlock
267 Oxford Street (RG9/2880/84)
Henry Irlam, Porter, Unmar, 18, Lancashire Manchester

5 Cook Street (RG9/2877/33)
Ashton Irlam, Head, Mar, 34, Coppersmith, Lancashire Radcliffe
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 32, Lancashire Manchester
Ashton Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Jane Ann Irlam, Daur, 2, Lancashire Newton
Margaret Griffiths, M-in-law, Widow, 66, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Griffiths, Sis-in-law, Unmar, 24, Cotton Weaver, Lancashire Manchester

Eccles Old Road (RG9/2862/25)
John Irlam, Head, Widower, 64, Income from Houses, Lancashire Flixton

Thatto Heath, Schooles Lane (RG9/2746/24)
Henry Erlam, Head, Mar, 31, Engine Tenter, Lancashire Sutton
Mary Erlam, Wife, Mar, 37, Lancashire Parr
Mary Leather, Wife’s daur, 13, Lancashire Parr
Thos. Erlam, Son, 7, Scholar, Lancashire St. Helens
Banks Erlam, Son, 4, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
Ann Houghton, Niece, Unmar, 19, Plate Glass Smoother, Lancashire Sutton

5 Victoria Street (RG9/2717/28)
Lydia Harrison, Head, Wife, 28, Lancashire Liverpool
Lydia Harrison, Daur, Unmar, 6, Lancashire Liverpool
Amelia A. Benton, Niece, Unmar, 16, Servant, Lancashire Liverpool
Israel Irlam, Nephew, Unmar, 21, Mariner, Lancashire Liverpool

New Hall (RG9/2973/4)
Ann Earlam, Servant, Unmar, 21, General Servant, Cheshire Alderley

Moorside(RG9/2866/126) James Irlam, Head, Mar, 58, Labourer, Lancashire Flixton
Alice Irlam, Wife, Mar, 46, Housekeeper, Lancashire Flixton
John Irlam, Son, 13, Fustian Cutter, Lancashire Flixton
Hannah Irlam, Daur, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Flixton
Charlotte Irlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Flixton
Alice Irlam, Daur, 5, Lancashire Flixton

Shaw Town (RG9/2866/120)
William Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 29, Farm Servant, Cheshire Ashton

Great Bolton
141 Newport Street (RG9/2829/16) Ann Irlam, Head, Widow, 49, Milliner, Cheshire Moberly (sic)
Josiah Irlam, Son, Unmar, 22, Millwright, Lancashire Culcheth
Samuel Irlam, Son, Mar, 20, Millwright, Lancashire Culcheth
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 22, Milliner, Lancashire Oldham
Martha Ann Irlam, Daur, 14, Cloth Cap Maker, Lancashire Lawton
Samuel Irlam, Grandson, 1, Lancashire Manchester

Great Crosby
South Road (RG9/2725/18) Elizabeth Erlam, S-in-law, Unmar, 39, Milliner, Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Ferry, Boarder, Unmar, 74, Retired Milliner, Lancashire Liverpool

Heaton Norris
4 Lancashire Hill (RG9/2560/5)
Sarah Earlam, Head, Widow, 55, Seamstress, Cheshire Wilmslow
Hannah Earlam, S-in-law, Unmar, 60, Seamstress, Cheshire Olford(?)
John H. Earlam, Son, Unmar, 24, Skip Maker, Cheshire Stockport
Annie Earlam, Daur, Unmar, 22, Smallware Dealer, Lancashire Heaton Norris

26 Leinster Street (RG9/2891/110)
John Bennett, Head, Mar, 26, Carter, Cheshire Sale
Martha Bennett, Wife, Mar, 27, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Jane Irlam, Step-daur, 4, Lancashire Manchester
William Bennett, Son, 8 mths, Lancashire Manchester

194 Chester Road (RG9/2895/58)
Mary Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 25, General Servant, Lancashire Eccles

28 Carlisle Street (RG9/2898/80)
George Irlam, Head, Mar, 40, Coal Dealer, Cheshire Ashton
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 38, Cheshire Carrington
Charles Irlam, Son, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Hulme
George Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Hulme
Mary E. Irlam, Daur, 4, Lancashire Hulme
John Thos. Irlam, Son, 1, Lancashire Hulme
Mary A. Yates, M-in-law, Unmar, 58, Ladies Nurse, Cheshire Carrington

3 Nuttall Street (RG9/2886/12)
Thomas H. Irlam, Head, Mar, 55, Compositer, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 52, Carlisle
Jeanie Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 15, Serv., Lancashire Manchester
Sarah Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 9, Lancashire Chorlton

Ince in Makerfield
Irlams (sic) (RG9/2781/119)
John Irlam, Head, Unmar, 51, Carpenter Operative, Lancashire Ince

20 Back Boundry Street (RG9/2720/65)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 28, Labourer, Cheshire Sutton
Annie Irelam (sic), Wife, Mar, 26, Cheshire Waverton
John Irlam, Son, 4, Lancashire Liverpool
Sarah Anne Irlam, Daur, 1, Lancashire Liverpool

Lathom (RG9/2766/33)
John Radcliffe, Head, Mar, 35, Grocer's Shopman, Lancashire Lathom
Margaret Radcliffe, Mar, 38, Lancashire Lathom
Ellen Herlom, Step-daughter, Unmar, 15, Lancashire Lathom
Mary Radcliffe, daur, 10, scholar, Lancashire Lathom
Richard Radcliffe, son, 8, scholar, Lancashire Lathom
Margaret Radcliffe, daur, 3, scholar, Lancashire Lathom
Elizabeth Radcliffe, daur, 7mths, Lancashire Lathom

Little Hulton
Hurst Houses (RG9/2810/59)
Richard Irlam, Head, Unmar, 49, Cordwainer, Lancashire Standish

45 Fontenoy Street (RG9/2665/35)
Peter Irlam, Head, Mar, 43, Joiner, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 43, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 11, Lancashire Liverpool
Margaret Irlam, Daur, 6, Lancashire Liverpool
John Irlam, Son, 4, Lancashire Liverpool
Thomas Irlam, Son, 3 mths, Lancashire Liverpool

33 Jordon Street (RG9/2679/58)
Catharine Irlam, Boarder, Unmar, 19, Servant, Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Irlam, Boarder, Unmar, 21, Seamstress, Lancashire Liverpool.

5 High Street, Everton (RG9/2718/131)
Peter Irlam, Head, Mar, 55, Proprietor of Houses, Lancashire Manchester
Clara A. Irlam, Wife, Mar, 25. Warwickshire Birmingham

Hawthorn Farm (RG9/2799/115)
James Irlam, Head, Widower, 66, Farmer of 10½ acres, Lancashire Tyldesley

Back Lane, (RG9/2799/115)
Samuel Irlam, Head, Unmar, 62, Farmer 11 acres, Lancashire Tyldesley
Sarah Irlam, Sister, Unmar, 70, Housekeeper, Lancashire Hulton

29 Abel Street (RG9/2959/40)
Alice Irlam, Head, Widow, 65, Housekeeper, Lancashire Radcliffe
William Irlam, Son, Unmar, 23, Dyer, Lancashire Radcliffe
Israel Irlam, Son, Unmar, 18, Labourer, Lancashire Radcliffe
Sarah Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 20, Winder, Lancashire Radcliffe

22 Richmond Street (RG9/2944/108)
Ann Irlam, Head, Unmar, 25, Cotton Weaver, Lancashire Stockport (sic)
(also four lodgers)

Back Buckley Street (RG9/2963/106)
Elizabeth Irlam, Visitor, Mar, 39 House Keeper, Lancashire Newton Heath
Mary Irlam, Visitor, Unmar, 18, Match Maker (Lucifer), Lancashire Newton Heath
Teresa Irlam, Visitor, Unmar, 11, Match Maker (Lucifer), Lancashire Newton Heath
William Irlam, Visitor, Unmar, 14, March Maker (Lucifer), Lancashire Newton Heath
Thomas Irlam, Visitor, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Newton Heath
Ann Irlam, Visitor, 3 mths, Lancashire Newton Heath
(All visitors in the home of James and Ann Gavin)

3 Bishop Gate, Deansgate (RG9/2942/113)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 36 Stiffener, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 35, Flat Stitcher, Lancashire Manchester
Mary A. Irlam, Daur, 10, Lancashire Manchester
Esther Dyer, Widow, 68, Staffordshire Stone

Sick and Infirm Workhouse, New Bridge Street (RG9/2951/76)
George Irlam, Inmate, Unmar, 45, Fustian Cutter, Lancashire Manchester

25 Cross Street (RG9/2951/102)
George Irlam, Lodger, Unmar, 19, Confectioner, Lancashire Hulme

54 Rochdale Road, Pork Shop, (RG9/2956/30)
George Irlam, Head, Mar, 55, Pork Butcher, Lancashire Urmston
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 45, Lancashire Stretford
John Irlam, Son, 21, Coach Body Maker, Lancashire Salford
Samuel Irlam, Son, 20, Lythographic Printer, Cheshire Northern
Stephen Irlam, Son, 18, Shop Boy in Pork Shop, Lancashire Manchester

3 Abraham Court (RG9/2943/29)
William Irlam, Head, 38, Carter, Cheshire (sic) Urmston
Frances Irlam, Wife, 37, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Howarth, Niece, 22, Braid Tenter, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Irlam, Daur, 18, Cotton Weaver, Cheshire (sic) Urmston
Mary Fletcher, Step-daur, 9, Silk Winder, Lancashire Manchester
Maria Irlam, Daur, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Mendra Irlam, Daur, 3, Lancashire Manchester
Eden Irlam, Son, 2 wks, Lancashire Manchester

College of Music, Bridge Street (RG9/2938/6)
Henry Erlam, Boarder, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Eccles

35 Chapel Street (RG9/2947/17)
Martha Erlam, Boarder, Unmar, 44, Fund Holder, Yorkshire Sheffield

1 Short Street (RG9/2934/96)
Elizabeth Earlam, Head, Widow, 61, Housekeeper, Cheshire Ince
Richard Earlam, Son, Mar, 24, Fly & Spindle Maker, Lancashire Warrington
Margaret Earlam, D-in-law, Mar, 30, Cotton Winder, Lancashire Manchester
John Earlam, Gr.-son, 5, Lancashire Manchester
James Earlam, Gr.-son, 3, Lancashire Manchester
Martha Earlam, Daur, 20, Cotton Winder, Lancashire Warrington
Susannah Whittaker, Daur, Mar, 29, Cotton Winder, Cheshire Northwich
Elizabeth Whittaker, Gr.-daur, 2 mths, Lancashire Manchester
Joseph Earlam, Son, Unmar, 16, Iron Turner, Lancashire Manchester
Richard Smith, Gr.-son, 13, Fly & Spindle Maker, Lancashire Manchester

Street Fold (RG9/2974/75)
Elizabeth Irlam, Head, Unmar, 31 Housekeeper, Cheshire Ashton upon Mersey
Caroline Ward, Ward, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Amy Ward, Ward, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
William Ward, Ward, 3, Lancashire Manchester

Newton Heath
Oldham Road (RG9/2965/92)
William Irlam, Head, Unmar, 46, Iron Foundry employing 47 men and 6 boys, Lancashire Standish
Mary Rigby, Niece, Unmar, 30, Lancashire Worthington
Alice Rigby, Niece, Unmar, 18, Lancashire Worthington

Gortons Buildings (RG9/2907/30)
James Irlam, Lodger, Unmar, 30, Logwood Grinder, Lancashire Pendleton

1 Gardner Street (RG9/2903/75)
Evan Owen, Head, Mar, 32, Librarian and Curator, Caernarvonshire Bangor
Ann Owen, Wife, Mar, 25, Cheshire Alderley
Mary Earlam, Wife's sister, 12, Scholar, Cheshire Alderley
Ann Earlam Owen, Daur, 2, Cheshire Chorley

84 Barton Terrace (RG9/3139/38)
Grace Irlam, Head, Widow, 76, Landed Proprietor, Lancashire Whittle
Mary Garstang, Cousin, Unmar, 58, Companion, Lancashire Whittle

Cross Street (RG9/2854/119)
Samuel Irlam, Boarder, Unmar, 23, Cotton Weaver, Lancashire Flixton

St. Helens
22 College Street (RG9/2749/53)
John Earlam, Head, Mar, 32, Labourer, Lancashire Warrington
Ellen Earlam, Wife, Mar, 37, Lancashire St. Helens

211 Broad Street, Pendleton (RG9/2902/101)
William Tattersall, Head, Mar, 42, Police Inspector and Superintendent of Fire Men, Lancashire Salford Alice Tattersall, Wife, Mar, 44, Lancashire Salford
James Tattersall, Son, Unmar, 19, Letter Press Printer, Lancashire Salford
Alice Tattersall, Daur, Unmar, 16, Mender of Cotton Fustian, Lancashire Salford
Elizabeth Tattersall, Daur, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
William Tattersall, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
Frances Tattersall, Daur, 8, Scholar, Yorkshire Mirfield
Esther Tattersall, Daur, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Salford
Ann Irlam, Mother in Law, Widow, 70, Servant, Lancashire Warrington

3 Lissadel Street, Pendleton (RG9/2905/23)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 54, Cotton Weaver, Lancashire Urmston
Hannah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 57, Lancashire Urmston
Ann Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 24, Straw Bonnet Maker, Lancashire Urmston
William Irlam, Son, Unmar, 22, Slasher Warper Cotton, Lancashire Urmston
Thomas Irlam, Son, Unmar, 20, Drawer-in and Warper Cotton, Lancashire Urmston
Samuel Irlam, Son, Unmar, 18, Overlooker Cotton, Lancashire Urmston
Job Irlam, Son, 14, Warehouse Boy Cotton, Lancashire Urmston

14 Briercliffe Buildings (RG9/2915/38)
Samuel Irlam, Head, Mar, 47, House Painter and Paper Hanger, Lancashire Salford
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 46, Silk Winder, Lancashire Salford
Matthew Irlam, Son, 18, House Painter and Paper Hanger, Lancashire Salford
John Irlam, Son, 15, (??) of Gas Burners, Lancashire Salford
James Irlam, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Salford

31 Sidmouth Street (RG9/2912/53)
Thomas Irlam, Head, Mar, 35, Warehouseman, Lancashire Salford
Sarah Irlam, Wife, Mar, 36, Silk Reeler, Lancashire Salford
William Irlam, Son, 14, Warehouse Boy, Lancashire Salford
Joseph Irlam, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Salford

18 Rockliffe Street (RG9/2916/21)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 41, Labourer at Railway, Lancashire Manchester
Eliza Irlam, Wife, Mar, 41, Housekeeper, Lancashire Salford

32 Tib (?) Street (RG9/2954/10)
Wm. Irlam, Head, Mar, 57, Print Glazer, Cheshire Stockport
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 56, Wife, Lancashire Manchester
Thos. Wilkinson, S-in-law, Mar, 40, Power Loom Shuttle Maker, Yorkshire Wheatley Hill
Ann Wilkinson, Daur, Mar, 34, Lancashire Manchester
Jno. Wm. Wilkinson, Gr.-son, 4, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Maria Wilkinson, Gr.-daur, 2, Lancashire Manchester

Tower Building, Sefton Terrace (RG9/2726/127)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Mar, 35, Joiner Journeyman, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Erlam, Wife, Mar, 38, Cumberland Workington

Tryford Place (RG9/2865/47)
John S. Irlam, Head, Mar, 24, Stone Mason, Lancashire Stretford
Martha Irlam, Wife, Mar, 22, Lancashire Stretford
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, 9 mths, Lancashire Stretford

Tryford Place (RG9/2865/47)
Esther Irlam, Head, Unmar, 44, No Occupation, Lancashire Stretford
(and two lodgers)

Barton Lane (RG9/2865/37)
Matthew Irlam, Head, Mar, 49, Ag. Labourer, Lancashire Urmston
Jane Irlam, Wife, Mar, 36, Lancashire Stretford
Thomas Irlam, Son, 10, Scholar, Lancashire Stretford
Nancy Irlam, Daur, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Stretford
Sarah Irlam, Daur, 1, Lancashire Stretford

4 Longford Terrace, Chester Road (RG9/2865/30)
Mary Irlam, Servant, Unmar, 16, Servant, Lancashire Stretford

Provision Shop, Chester Road (RG9/2865/14)
Dennis Irlam, Head, Mar, 52, Shopkeeper, Lancashire Stretford
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 51, Lancashire Manchester
John B. Wood, Grandson, 7, Scholar, Lancashire Hulme
Mary E. Jackson, Granddaur, 3, Yorkshire Sheffield

Higgins Lane, St. Matthews Terrace (RG9/2865/95)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 40, Acetic Acid Maker, Lancashire Stretford
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 40, Lancashire Burton
Jacob Irlam, Brother, Unmar, 48, Slater, Lancashire Stretford

Higgins Lane, St. Matthews Terrace (RG9/2865/95)
Jonathan Irlam, Head, Mar, 42, Slater's Son, Lancashire Stretford
Elizabeth Irlam, Wife, Mar, 43, Slater's Wife, Lancashire Stretford
William Irlam, Son, Unmar, 21, Slater's Son, Lancashire Stretford
Richard Irlam, Son, Unmar, 19, Slater's Son, Lancashire Stretford
Thomas Irlam, Son, Unmar, 17, Slater's Son, Lancashire Stretford
Henry Irlam, Son, Unmar, 15, Slater's Son, Lancashire Stretford

3 White Road (RG9/2753/77)
Thomas Erlam, Head, Mar, 56, Engineer, Lancashire Sutton
Jane Erlam, Wife, Mar, 53, Lancashire Sutton
Thomas Erlam, Son, Unmar, 21, Engineer, Lancashire Sutton
John Erlam, Son, Unmar, 17, Labourer, Lancashire Sutton
Esther Erlam, Daur, 14, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton
Job Erlam, Son, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Sutton

Back Lane (RG9/2866/104)
James Irlam, Head, Mar, 47, Farmer, Lancashire Urmston
Mary Irlam, Wife, Mar, 44, Lancashire Stretford
John Irlam, Son, Unmar, 17, Carter, Lancashire Urmston
Margaret Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 15, Lancashire Urmston
Samuel Irlam, Son, 13, Cow Man, Lancashire Urmston
Alice Irlam, Daur, 8, Scholar, Lancashire Urmston
James Irlam, Son, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Urmston
Alice Irlam (sic), Daur,(sic) 10, Scholar, Lancashire Urmston

Front Lane (RG9/2866/94)
John Irlam, Head, Widower, 61, Farmer, Lancashire Barton
George Irlam, Son, Unmar, 28, Lancashire Manchester
Mary Irlam, Daur, Unmar, 19, Lancashire Manchester

Bentick (?) Villa (RG9/2737/92)
William Erlam, Head, Mar, 31, Master Plumber, Lancashire Liverpool
Anne Erlam, Wife, Mar, 31, Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Erlam, Sister, Unmar, 35, Lancashire Liverpool
Sarah Erlam, Sister, Unmar, 33, Lancashire Liverpool
Matilda Erlam, Daur, 7, Lancashire Liverpool
James Erlam, Son, 4, Lancashire Liverpool
Emily Erlam, Daur, 2, Lancashire Liverpool

West Derby
6, 6 lr Dalton Street (RG9/2729/17)
John Irlam, Head, Mar, 34, Bookbinder, Lancashire Manchester
Eliza Irlam, Wife, Mar, 31, Lancashire Manchester
John R. Irlam, Son, 11, Scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Elizabeth Irlam, Daur, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
James Irlam, Son, 2, Lancashire Liverpool

Firs Lane (RG9/2802/76)
John Irlam, Head, Widower, 72, House Agent Rent Collector, Lancashire Little Hulton
Richard Irlam, Son, Mar, 46, Corn Miller, Lancashire Westleigh
Eliza Irlam, Daur-in-law, 42, Silk Weaver, Lancashire Billinge
Ann Irlam, Gr.-daur, 15, Silk Weaver, Lancashire Westleigh
John Irlam, Gr.-son, 13, Scholar, Lancashire Westleigh

Wackers Lane (RG9/2859/81)
Ann Irlam, Head, Unmar, 49, Proprietor of Houses, Lancashire Standish


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