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Wills and Admons before 1858
Consistory Court of Chester

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The Consistory Court of Chester covered all of the county of Cheshire, south Lancashire and some Welsh parishes. The index below is linked to summaries or transcriptions of Wills where available.

1545-1620 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 2)

1589 Geoffrey Irlam of Eccles, carpenter
1590 John Erlam of Cadishead. Inv.
1590 Thomas Erlam of Cadishead
1595 Alexander Irlam of Irlam
1596 Isabella Irlam of Burtonwood, widow
1597 Alexander Erlam of Burtonwood, parish of Warrington
1597 Henry Erlam of Hindley, co. Lancaster, yeoman
1601 Thomas Irlam of Pendlebury
1619 Richard Erlam of Salford
1620 Thomas Irlam of Pendlebury, parish of Eccles

(Supplementary volume 33)
1611 William Erlam, Flixton
1613 Alexander Erlam, Flixton, parish of Warrington, husbandman

1621-1650 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 4)

1623 Richard Erlam of Little Hulton
1623 Thomas Erlam of Eccles
1627 Thomas Irlam of Irlam
1631 Ellen Erlam of Croft in Barton, widow. Inv.
1632 John Erlam of Burtonwood
1633 Edmund Erlam of Flixton, yeoman
1636 Thomas Erlam of Eccles, innkeeper. Inv.
1637 Margaret Erlam of Flixton. Inv.
1637 Thomas Erlam of Erlam, co. Lancaster, yeoman
1637 George Erlam of Erlam, husbandman. Inv.
1640 John Erlam of Cadishead, husbandman
1640 Thomas Erlam of Burtonwood, yeoman. Inv.
1646 Thomas Irlam of Barton upon Irwell, gentleman
1647 John Erlam of Flixton, yeoman
1647 Thomas Erlam of Erlam, husbandman. Admon.
1649 Ellen Irlam of Barton upon Irwell, widow
1649 Thomas Irlam of Barton upon Irwell. Inv.

(Supplementary volume 43)
1637 Edmund Erlam, Flixton
1637 George Erlam (the elder), Eccles
1637 Margery Erlam, Flixton

1651-1660 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 4)
1652 John Irlam, Lanc
( no other wills received during Civil War)

1660-1680 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 15)

1661 John Erlam of Croft, par. Eccles, linen webster
1662 John Erlam of Westhaughton, husbandman
1662 Margaret Erlam of Westhaughton, widow. Inv.
1666 John Erlam of Flixton, co. Lancaster, husbandman
1666 Alexander Irlam of Urmston, yeoman
1667 Thomas Irlam of Hilton, co. Lancaster. Inv.
1669 John Erlam of Liverpool, husbandman
*1670 Richard Erlam of Flixton
1672 Thomas Erlam of Irlam
1675 Alexander Erlam alias Irlam of Irlam
1675 Alexander Irlam alias Erlam of Irlam
1676 Alexander Irlam of Irlam. Admon with Inv.
1678 Ellen Irlam of Irlam
1671 Richard Irlam of Little Hulton. Admon with Inv.
1680 Samuel Irlam of Broughton

"infra wills"

1670 Alice Erlam of Flixton, widow
1670 Ann Erlam of Erlam, spinster
1670 Jane Erlam of Flixton, widow
1672 Richard Irlam of Pendlebury. Inv.
1673 Richard Erlam of Deane. Admon.
1673 Richard Irlam of Little Hulton, husbandman. Inv.
1676 William erlam of Erlam, par. Eccles, husbandman
1678 Jane Erlome of Westhoughton
1679 Margery Erlam of Croft, par Eccles, widow

1681-1700 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 18)

1683 Richard Irlam of Pendleton. Admon with Inv.
C1692 Edmund Erlam of Partington, yeoman
1696 Henry Earlome of Burtonwood, yeoman
1700 Ralph Irlam of Eccles

"infra wills"
1682 John Erlome of Hindley. Admon with Inv.

1701-1720 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 20)

C1703 Joseph Irlam of Ashton upon Mersey, Flaxman
1704 James Erlom of Burtonwood
1716 William Erlam of Hartswell
C1716 Richard Irlam of Aston upon Mersey, yeoman

"infra wills"
1701 Ralph Erlam of Crumpsall, yeoman
1702 Margaret Irlam of Eccles, widow
1707 John Irlam of Barton, woollen webster. Admon with Inv
1718 Robert Erlam of Pendlebury. Admon
1720 Charles Erlam of Barton, parish of Eccles, Innkeeper

1721-1740 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 22)

C1726 Jonathan Irlam of Sale, linen webster
C1727 James Erlam of Warburton, Husbandman
1729 Samuel Irlam of Irlam
1732 Richard Irlam of Pendelton
C1733 Peter Irlam of Irlam, yeoman
1739 Thomas Irlam of Irlam, yeoman

"infra wills"

1729 and 1730 James Irlam of Irlam
1729 and 1730 Thomas Irlam of Irlam
C1739 and 1740 James Erlam late of Warburton, Husbandman

1741-1760 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 25)

1744 Peter Erlem of Cooteth House in Sutton
C1748 Thomas Irlam of Buglawton, Clerk
1750 Samuel Irlam of Liverpool, anchorsmith
C1753 Benjamin Irlam of Sale, gentleman
1753 Peter Irlam of Pendelton, innkeeper
C1754 Joseph Irlam of Ashton upon Mersey, chapman (see 1795)
C1755 Richard Irlam of Ashton upon Mersey, yeoman
1756 Samuel Irlam of Liverpool, anchorsmith
1758 John Irlam of Manchester, chapman
1758 William Irlam of Westhoughton, yeoman
1759 Peter Irlam of Pendelton, a minor. Admon.
1759 William Irlam, a minor. Tuition.
1760 George Irlam of Cadishead, parish of Eccles. Admon.

"infra wills"

1741 and 1742 James Irlam, late of Cross Bank, parish of Eccles. Admon.

(Supplementary Vol 52)
1758-60 Wiliam Irlam, West Houghton, Lancs, weaver

1761-1780 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol 37)

C1762 Thomas Earlam of Appleton, husbandman. Admon.
C1766 Benjamin Irlam of Sale. Admon.
C1766 Mary Irlam of Sale, parish of Ashton upon Mersey, widow. Admon.
C1766 Mary and Hannah Irlam of Sale, minors. Tuition.
1770 Martha Irlam of Pendleton, widow
C1772 John Earlam of Partington, farmer and tanner
1772 Charles Irlam of Eccles, weaver
1772 William Irlam of Cross Street, parish of Ashton upon Mersey
C1772 Jane Erlam of Warburton, widow
C1773 Thomas Erlam of Partington, farmer
1774 Richard Irlam of Liverpool, mariner. Admon.
C1776 Thomas Irlam of Buglawton, yeoman
C1777 George Irlam of Blakeley Crow, chapelry of Hargreave, yeoman. Admon.
1777 George Irlam of Flixton, shopkeeper

1781-1800 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society Vol 44 & 45)
1782 Mary Irlam, Swinston, spinster
1783 James Irlam, Irlam, yeoman
C1788 John Erlam, Deanrow, farmer
1792 George Irlam, Flixton, shopkeeper
1792 Joseph Irlam, Ashton-upon-Mersey, yeoman, Admon (see below)
1795 Joseph Irlam, Cross Street Liverpool, chapman, Admon (see below)
1796 Richard Irlam, Hindley, Admon
1797 Thomas Irlam, West Houghton, yeoman
C1800 Mary Erlam, Latchford, widow

1801-20 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society Vol 62 & 78)
1801 Mar 31 Thomas Irlam, Crofts Bank, weaver, Admon
1803 Mar 21 Alice Irlam, Sutton, parish of Prescot, widow, Admon
1805 May 30 William Irlam, West Houghton, parish of Dean
1807 Apr 29 James Irlam, Bedford, yeoman
1809 Jan 16 John Irlam, Eccles, bricklayer, Admon
1812 Jun 9 William Erlam, Lawton, shopkeeper
1813 Mar 11 Richard Irlam, Langtree, farmer
1816 Feb 20 Thomas Irlam, Swinton, weaver, Admon ('infra')
C1817 Dec 11 William Irlam, Ashton-Upon-Mersey, farmer
C1820 Jul 4 Peter Earlam, Mobberley, farmer

1821-1825 (Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire vol 107)
1821 Apr Samuel Irlam, Flixton, yeoman, W.
1822 Jan John Irlam, Warrington, publican. Admon.
1824 July Sarah Irlam, Manchester, widow. W.

Additional Wills Wills Database Online (Cheshire County Council)
C1772 Mary Irlam of Cross St, Ashton upon Mersey, Widow
C1792 Joseph Irlam, Cross St, Ashton upon Mersey, Chapman (but see above)
C1795 Joseph Irlam, Sale, Chapman (but see above)
C1823 Jul John Earlam of Alderley
C1823 John Earlam of Lymm, Stonemason
C1829 Mar John Erlam, Partington, yeoman
C1831 Thomas Erlam of Partington , Tanner (Will 18.9.1827, Codicils 18.1.1828, 12.11.1829, 23.9.1830, Died May 1831)
C1840 John Earlam of Bunbury, Prestland, Gentleman (Will 19.12.1835, Died 26.7.1840)
C1841 Sarah Earlam of Bunbury, Prestland, Widow (Will 13.4.1841, Died 19.4.1841)
C1841 Thomas Earlam of Chorley, Wilmslow, Farmer (Will 24.12.1838, Died 30.1.1841)
C1841 Catherine Irlam, Chapel en le Frith, widow
C1844 Jane Irlam, Ashton upon Mersey, Wife of William
C1847 Thomas Earlam of Rudheath, Farmer (Will 23.6.1843, Died 29.12.1846)
C1852 John Earlam of Over Alderley, Husbandman (Died 25.7.1852 Infra Will)
C1854 Thomas Irlam, Whaley Bridge, Taxal, Blacksmith

Additional Wills from Ancestry.co.uk
1826 Nov Mary Irlam, Wigan, spinster
1827 Nov Jane Irlam, Standish, widow
1828 Nov Alice Irlam, Eccles, Widow. Admon.
1830 May Mary Irlam, Grindle St., Manchester, widow
1833 Oct (later grant 1840) George Irlam, Bootle, Merchant
1834 May Ann Irlam, Westoughton p. Deane, spinster
1834 Oct James Irlam, Arrowsmith, Bedford p. Leigh.
1835 Sep Samuel Irlam, Bedford, Lancs., gent.
1836 Mar Thomas Risley Irlam, Aspul Moor p. Wigan, wheelwright. A
1836 Dec Thomas Irlam, Whaley Bridge, Whaley, Taxall, blacksmith. A (see 1854 )
1837 May William Irlam, Little Hulton, farmer

* = Full will no longer exists. Destroyed by damp.
inv. = the deceased had probably died intestate and an inventory of his good filed and administration granted to his representatives.
admon. = adminstration bond was filed as well.
infra wills = value of estate less than £40
C=Wills Database Online (Cheshire County Council)


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