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North and East Cheshire Marriages

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ERLAM Alice Spinster SWINDELLS John Labourer 23 Nov 1790 Stockport
ERLAM Eliz DAINE Peter 9 Dec 1775 Bowdon L
ERLAM Eliz. HOUGH John Shoemaker 4 Oct 1789 Knutsford
ERLAM Eliz. signs Betty HAMMOND John 22 Jul 1808 Astbury
ERLAM Ellen MASSEY David 30 Sep 1822 Cheadle
ERLAM Enoch AINSWORTH Marg 6 Dec 1812 Over Peover
ERLAM Jas p. Rost GRIMES Mary 24 May 1819 Warburton L
ERLAM Jas blacksmith, Bosley BARNETT Sarah sp. Bosley
ERLAM John p. Flixton ECHUS Mary 28 Feb 1765 Lymm L
ERLAM John NEWTON Mary parish of Lymm 9 Jan 1770 Mobberley (M)
ERLAM John ROYLE Jane 9 Feb 1779 Bowdon
ERLAM John MORRIS Mary 25 Sep 1786 Bowdon
ERLAM John farmer WILLCOCK Cath. 12 Jan 1800 Bowdon
ERLAM John WORTHINGTON Eliz. 12 Apr 1826 Bowdon
ERLAM John labr. Macclesfield AULT Ruth spin, Macclesfield 29 Dec 1831 Prestbury (M)
ERLAM Martha minor GLEAVE John grocer, p Warrington 20 May 1813 Bowdon L w. c. o. p.
ERLAM Mary Sp. HOUGH John b. 25 Feb 1784 Great Budworth (M)
ERLAM Mary BIRCHENOUGH John 28 Jul 1788 Alderley
ERLAM Mary p.of Biddle GREAVES John farmer Worth 2 Mar 1795 Prestbury L
ERLAM Mary Allegation bond gives ME of Partington, sp. 23 HARDEY Henry Allegation bond gives HH of Lymm, bach, 28, corn merchant 5 May 1829 Bowdon L (M)
ERLAM Mary WINSTANLEY Peter 25 Jul 1830 Bowdon
ERLAM Richd. HANKINSON Mary 12 Apr 1785 Bowdon
ERLAM Sam' CORKLING Eliza 30 May 1830 Bowdon
IRLAM Ann Lymm OGDEN John widower 13 Jun 1769 Bowdon L
IRLAM Ann MOORES John 12 Oct 1830 Over Peover
IRLAM Eleanor PARNELL Wm carpenter 14 Mar 1789 Bowdon L
IRLAM Elis. sp. COLLIER Jas. gent;p.Leigh 30 Apr 1764 Ashton on Mersey L
IRLAM Elizabeth sp ALCOCK William weaver 25 Jun 1765 Ashton upon Mersey
IRLAM Ellen sp Reg says Earlom but signs Irlam CROSS Thos wdr 24 Jan 1782 Rostherne L
IRLAM Geo Barton p. L'pool GREENALL Mary 26 Jun 1828 Great Budworth L W.c.o.p. 9 wits
IRLAM George Neston COWLEY Ann 27 Oct 1768 Chester Holy Trinity L
IRLAM Hannah sp o.t.p. WHITNEY Silas Farmer p. Barthomley 8 May 1760 Astbury L
IRLAM Hannah P. Gt. Budworth HIGHAM Joseph 11 Oct 1774 Cheadle L (B)
IRLAM Jacob farmer (reg says Earlam but signs Irlam) LUCAS Martha sp 22 Aug 1830 Alderley L (M)
IRLAM James OLLERENSHAW Hannah 28 Apr 1833 Cheadle
IRLAM Jane Wdw. M/cr FLETCHER Thos. Farmer otp 25 Dec 1794 Bowdon L
IRLAM Jas ROYLANCE Mary 25 Feb 1833 Cheadle
IRLAM John MORRIS Mary 25 Sep 1786 Bowdon
IRLAM John husbandman COOKSON Alice sp 6 Mar 1792 Ashton on Mersey
IRLAM John CROMPTON Alice 28 Jul 1822 Rostherne L
IRLAM John of Flixton CARTER Anna 8 Jan 1823 Eccles, Lan
IRLAM John wdr; lab HOPWOOD Hannah 15 Sep 1823 Stockport
IRLAM Martha sp, of Sale BARLOW John attorney at law 1 Jul 1756 Ashton on Mersey L
IRLAM Martha JOHNSON Jos. 12 Oct 1830 Over Peover
IRLAM Mary otp WALTON Thos. p. Flixton 1757 Bowdon Banns only. March 27, Apl. 3, 10.
IRLAM Mary TOMLINSON Peter spinner 18 Oct 1819 Stockport
IRLAM Sam wdr; blacksmith WILLIAMS Alice wdw 4 Aug 1808 Stockport
IRLAM Sarah Sp. STOCKEN Ralph B. 25 Apr 1775 Rostherne
IRLAM Sarah HEWITT Thomas 15 Aug 1819 Grappenhall
IRLAM Sarah WARBURTON Thos. 6 Feb 1837 Cheadle
IRLAM Sarah WHITFIELD George 20 Jul 1835 Stockport
IRLAM Thomas blacksmith WILLIAMS Catherene 6 Jul 1812 Stockport
IRLAM Thomas lab HATTON Betty sp 26 Dec 1826 Alderley L (M)
IRLAM Thos weaver CHORLEY Eliz 1 Mar 1802 Bowdon
IRLAM Thos MORRALL Hannah 3 Feb 1828 Cheadle
IRLAM Thos Hunter GARNER Eliz 31 Jul 1825 Bowdon
IRLAM Wm p. Flixton BROOK Henreitta otp 11 Oct 1781 Bowdon
ERLAM Samuel parish of Wilmslow ROYLE Ann 14 Mar 1781 Alderley
ERLAM Thomas SMITH Mary (Sarah) 3 May 1781 Lymm
ERLAM Thomas labourer BAND Hann 28 Feb 1817 Stockport
ERLE Sarah HOULMS Thos alias Orms 26 Oct 1778 Davenham
ERLHAM Jane Sp. WALTON John Husbmn. 27 Jul 1760 Warburton
EARLEM Martha HARRINSON James 16 Oct 1759 Wilmslow
EARLEM Mary BOWER William 25 Dec 1822 Wilmslow
EARLES Mary BENNET John coal-carrier of Leek 23 Jun 1768 Prestbury L
EARLHAM Ellen LYON Thos. of Tarbuetry,Hayton,Lancs. 18 Nov 1766 Warburton L
EARLHAM Jas blacksmith, Bosley BARNETT Sarah sp. Bosley 28 Aug 1822 Prestbury
EARLHAM Thos MILLINGTON Martha 27 Aug 1794 Weaverham
EARLOM Ellen sp (signs Irlam) CROSS Thos widr 24 Jan 1782 Rostherne L
EARLOM Enoch wdr HOBSON Martha 27 Apr 1817 Over Peover
EARLOM Ruth HAMMERSLEY Isaac wdr 12 May 1828 Astbury L
EARLOM Susannah p.of W HULME Henry Bol 22 Jun 1759 Prestbury Cert
EARLOM Wm HENSHALL Betty Chorley tp 7 Jun 1767 Wilmslow L
EARLUM John JOHNSON Ann 11 Jun 1776 Witton
EARLUM Mary Wvr. STONEHEWER Chas. Weaver p. Alderley
URLAM Mary Marthall HOWORTH Thos. Warford 9 Aug 1764 Over Peover L
URLAM Mary sp WEBB Thos husbmn 1 Jun 1771 Middlewich
URLHAM Ann sp; Middlewich NEWALL James husbandman 18 May 1774 Goostrey


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