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Wills After 1858 Cheshire

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Wills Database Online (Cheshire County Council)
The wills not marked with a C do not appear on the Wills Database online. The source of these and the meaning of the reference in brackets in italics is not known except for those found on the National Archives website. The index below is linked to summaries or transcriptions of Wills where available.

C1858 Frances Irlam, Bromsborough, Dibbinsdale, Spinster
1858 William Irlam, Preston, Gent (Source: National Archives website)
1860 Peter Earlam of Woodford, Prestbury, Farmer (A.11)
C1863 John Earlam of Partington, Yeoman (4.1082)
C1864 Jacob Earlam of Woodford, Prestbury (Listed 1864, marked 1867)
1866 Jane Erlam of Partington, Bowden (Mt A 7)
1867 Jacob Earlam of Woodford, Prestbury, Farmer (5 424 W 8)
1867 Chas Earlam of Macclesfield, Innkeeper (Jan A19)
C1867 Maria Irlam, Bromsborough, Dibbinsdale, Spinster
C1868 Apr Thomas Earlam of Pownall, Wilmslow, Farmer (9.346 W3)
C1868 Dec Robert Earlam of Castle Northwich, Beerhouse Keeper (9.1179 W18)
C1870 Jan Isaac Erlam of Ashley, Farmer
C1872 Jul Isaac Earlam of Chorley Hall, Alderley, Farmer (13.1074 W 23)
C1872 John Irlam, Ashton upon Mersey, Manufacturing Chemist
C1877 Apr James Earlam of Lymm, Farmer (18.446 W 20)
C1877 Aug Betty Erlam of Ashley, Widow (18.841 W 8)
C1882 Aug Elizabetth Earlam of Davenport, Widow (23.897 W 29)
1884 Jun Thomas Earlam of Smallwood (A.11)
C1884 Nov Sam'l Earlam of Bosley, Blacksmith & Farmer (1290 W 10)
1889 Jul Julia Erlam of Partington (76 .A.4)
C1891 Nov Richard Erlam of Partington (32 1123 W 30)
C1895 Aug Mary Erlam of Birkenhead, Widow (36 574 W 1)
C1899 Feb Mary Ann Erlam of Partington, Widow (102 W 24)
C1903 Apr Isaac Erlam of Ashley, Altrincham, Farmer (185 W 7)
C1904 Aug Hannah Earlam of Christleton Nr Chester (45.461 W 2)
C1910 Nov Thomas Earlam of Over Peover Heath, Farmer (828 W 21)
C1912 Apr Alfred Erlam of Ashley, Farmer (302 W 27)
1912 Nov Abraham Earlam of Gt Warford, Knutsford, Labourer (A 13)
C1914 Apr Samuel Earlam of Vicars Cross, Nr Chester Retired Schoolmaster. (258 W)
C1919 Henry Earlam, Runcorn, Boiler Maker
C1921 William Ashton Earlam, Wilmslow, Farmer
C1928 Sarah Earlam, Frodsham
C1930 Emma Earlam, Davenham, Widow
C1931 Phoebe Earlam, Frodsham
C1932 Annie Erlam, Mobberley, Farmer
C1934 Matthew Earlam, Chester, Schoolmaster
C1937 Job Irlam, Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmoreland)
C1939 Edmund Feltham Irlam, Altrincham


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